The previous work we completed was focused on platform and security, and whilst these remain strong areas of focus for us, we’re moving into a new phase.

We have three areas we are focused on over the long-term, and future updates will refer to these areas of work:

1. Love – delivering customer facing value to enhance user experience
2. Trust – building confidence through platform stability
3. Beautiful – make the right information available where and when it’s needed 

The work in these areas will continue concurrently so we’ll be delivering improvements in all these areas over the coming months.


We’ve been working on a series of Invoicing enhancements which you might have seen in our last post. Some items are completed already, and the rest will be coming in the next 90 days:

Invoicing enhancements will include:

  •  Importing of “Overpayments” and “Prepayment” payment types from Xero against your invoices

  •  Map your tasks and costs to accounts or tracking categories in Xero based on your job category, for multi-job (bulk) invoices

  • “Remove” from WIP list will have an option to “remove and update job state”

  • Create a bulk invoice across more than one job from the WIP list and invoice manager

  • Ability to configure how your invoice is sent to Xero – consolidated (single-line total), tasks and costs

    of the same name, exclude non-billable items

  • Email template for sending invoices

Trust: A focus on platform and security

Our work on the platform will continue with a focus on stability and growth of the platform.

We have experienced some stability issues in the platform over the past few months, which is due in part to the strong growth we’re experiencing. This has prompted us to prioritise planned work to ensure a robust and stable platform is able to support further growth.

In part, this is the necessary “under-the-hood” work which we have referred to in the past. This work is ongoing and has been resourced into the future so that we ensure that we build with the future, and growth, in mind.

We’ve put together a new team to kick-start this work. 

Beautiful: Xero login for WorkflowMax

This work will continue to focus on protecting your (and your clients) data online and bringing the WorkflowMax and Xero experiences closer together. What does this mean for you? We have a number of initiatives planned over the next 12 months which will improve online security, leverage Xero where possible, and make improvements to the API.

We are moving all WorkflowMax users to Xero login starting on 30 October, along with optional 2 Step Authentication (2SA). This move is regardless of whether you currently use Xero or not, but doesn’t require you to use Xero for your accounting system. For Australian users 2SA will be mandatory in accordance with ATO requirements.

This move will enable you to take advantage of Xero’s security features, both behind the scenes and by enabling 2SA on your account, which we advise.

In addition, if you do use a Xero product already, this means in the future you’ll be able to use the same login credentials and screen as other Xero products. If you also access Xero Business then it will have the added benefit of one less password to manage and enabling 2SA will provide an extra layer of security.

What we’re working on right now

Mobile app enhancements

  • Add photos and attachments

  • Add a cost from the cost DB

Reporting updates

  • Review the current reports and remove or update any duplicated or confusing reports

  • Review sample templates

  • Add job costs to WIP ledger details

UI work – Dashboard refresh

  • Move in-app messages into the header

  • Refresh the look and feel of the dashboard

  • Longer term review of the data which is surfaced on the dashboard and improve access to important data for users