We have been experiencing an unprecedented increase in MYOB Essentials to Xero Conversions over the last few months as many small businesses are loosing confidence in the MYOB cloud based product and looking to make the switch to Xero while retaining their transactional history.

Key benefits in converting to Xero:

  •  Many conversion clients have complained about instability of MYOB Essentials and pages refreshing before they can complete sales invoice entries.
  • We are Bookkeepers and Accountants and are experts in the use of many accounting software solutions and recommend Xero for all small to medium businesses.  We feel the software was designed for business operators more so than accounting professionals in mind find which is why most clients find it so easy to use.
  • Xero has great features such as its versatile mobile app, online quotes and purchase orders, online payment services and automated invoice reminders to reduce debtor days, employee expense management, and project management all available from within the app.
  • Xero has over 5,000 quality add-ons available offering industry specialisations to help you digitalise your workflows, improve accuracy of your records and invoicing, increase efficiencies and reduce your administration time and costs.   Have a look at our industry solutions for Hospitality, Professional Services, Retail and Trades to gain some insights to some of the software solutions we recommend work great with Xero.
  • Free access to HubDoc an online documents filing cabinet and payables processing tool which automatically captures data, imports into Xero with the document attached.

Why choose OnVenture to help you convert from MYOB Essentials to Xero:

  • We are the experts in this kind of conversion and have successfully converted 100’s of businesses over the last three years.
  • Our conversion captures all your general ledger transitions and creates a version of these in Xero so that you don’t loose your history.  Because we capture your history we can convert you to Xero at any point throughout the year, you no longer need to wait for end of year or end of quarter to close off your accounts.
  • We setup your Xero ready for you and your Accountant to start working live usually in fives days and depending on when your bank feeds go live.   Even your payroll will be setup ready to process your next payrun often with just a few clicks.
  • Have you been uploading attachments in MYOB?  No problem, with our attachments service we can capture your attachments in MYOB and attach them to the Xero version of the transactions for you.

For more information about our MYOB Essentials to Xero conversion service please check out our page HERE.

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