We are really happy with the release of our new Hospitality Solutions page, see it here

The page was developed to assist hospitality business owners to get a quick summary of the solutions we recommend they consider for their businesses based on our experience in hospitality and working with hospitality businesses.

Onventure assists Cafe’s, Restaurants and Takeaway outlets by solving common day to day challenges such as:

  • Reconciling cash, eftpos, cash out and tips and recording sales and takings data in their accounting systems
  • Spending hours looking through shelves, fridges and storerooms to identify what needs to be ordered
  • Excessive time rostering, keeping track of employee availability, leave and having to hunt for replacements for drop shifts
  • Spending to much time bookkeeping or spending to much money on contract bookkeepers who use old fashion processes
  • Loosing invoices and receipts throughout their busy days resulting in under claiming deductions, GST and non compliance

We love working with hospitality businesses. Please check out our Hospitality Solutions page and if you have any questions we would be glad to answer them.