A small business depends on great people much more than a large company does. Your staff represent your business and its competency to meet your customers needs. Don’t leave your recruitment and talent management to chance.

Recruit the right people the first time

Hiring good staff in any role let alone a member of your finance team or bookkeeper who is entrusted to look after your business’s financials is so important to your business success. Save time, money and your business’s books by hiring the right people the first time.

Businesses often assume they can trust what applicants put in their resume’s and often don’t contact referees to check their experience is accurately presented, big mistake! Resume’s are a sales pitch designed to entice you to interview the candidate and consider if they are a good fit for your businesses. The problem often is there is little thought to ensuring the candidate is competent and has the skills and knowledge necessary to do the work well and not make a mess of your books or even worse your business’s client and supplier relationships.

OnVenture has simple recruitment solutions for small businesses which actually work to ensure you recruit the right people for your business without costing you a fortune. Not all businesses have the same recruitment goals and accordingly the approach to your recruitment should be consistent with the type of new staff member you hope to secure.

Our recruitment support may include:
  • Assistance in preparing and publishing advertisements
  • Development of a key selection criteria
  • Assistance in evaluating candidates against the selection criteria
  • Competency testing, both online or in-person options
  • Assistance with shortlisting, interviewing and referee checking
  • Award interpretations and offers of employment
  • Assistance with new recruit induction

Retain your talent

Its a tough job finding the right people, dont let them slip through your fingers! Business operators often mistakenly think their employees are motivated by their remuneration alone and so long as they pay a reasonable amount for their efforts compared to other employers they’ll keep the employee for as long as you need them. Their is a number of factors which influence your employees loyalty including the culture of the business, the challenges and opportunities available to develop their career and their earnings and they way you engage with them and their piers.

OnVenture can assist employers to implement simple tools to manage their staff and develop the relationships for long term talent retention and provide support services to form their outsourced human resource department.

Our human resource management support services may include:
  • Implementation of HR & OHS management system such as Enable-HR
  • Development and maintenance of induction programs
  • Development and delivery of training
  • Performance development systems
  • Dispute resolutions support
  • Industrial relations support
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