Chaser had great success presenting their debt collection software at last weeks Melbourne 2015 Xerocon along with 86 other add-on partners and was a finalist for Xerocon 2015 emerging addon partner of the year award.

I was really keen to help out the Chaser team at Xerocon because I absolutely love their software and have seen it benefit so many of my clients and my own debt collection process. Chaser has developed a program that emulates what a real person would write in debt collection email’s with some additional clever features which really do help you bring in the cash sooner!

The key features I love about Chaser are:

  • Chaser automates all your debt collection process and saves hours of work for you or your bookkeeper, the software is already saving you money!
  • If your customer owes money on multiple invoices it sends one email with all the outstanding invoices attached, just like you would do. It can even send the statement in this email.
  • You can include the Xero online payment link in the body of the email so customers can click and pay on the spot
  • It supports multiple schedules and multiple email templates to help you customise your Chaser emails to match your debt collection process
  • The default schedules and email templates are great. Polite persistent email reminders with all the information a customer needs to pay, can be setup and running in minutes.
  • By default the first Chaser reminder email is sent before the invoice is due, what a great idea! Don’t wait for the debt to be outstanding 14 days before your start chasing. You would be surprised how many customers are happy to pay before or on time when they are politely reminded the invoice is due soon, this makes a big difference to cash-flow!
  • The system allows for emails to come from escalators e.g. the boss man when the debts are getting a bit old and you can change the recipient to the owner/manager of the customer and still cc in the bookkeeper to get the debt reminder escalating up the ranks.
  • All reminders and responses from customers are tracked against invoices, you can even add notes e.g. if they called and made a payment arrangement. This is great because you don’t need to be rummaging through your inbox trying to find what reminders and responses there have been, all communications in the one place makes it easy
  • Chasers has done their research and found that on average clients number of debtor days reduce by upto 26 days, this means when you first get going you will have a huge initial boost in cash-flow, cash is king!

If you would like to know more about Chaser or would like me to setup a 90 day free trial for you to evaluate the software please contact me and I will be glad to help.