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17-Dec-2018 PracticePlus

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Increasing benefits of Cloud Computing

In this era where a lot of activities are digital, no individual or organization wants their information lost. People also want to have access to their information; especially at the point of their needs. Therefore, one thing of increasing importance is the issue of accessible data storage.


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7 steps to brilliant job and staff scheduling

Effective job scheduling is one of the most important but least understood disciplines of business management.

16-Dec-2018 Workflow Max

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Security is everyone's responsibility

For most of us the internet is an intrinsic part of our lives. We rely on it to get us where we are going, connect us to friends and family and answer all of our questions, no matter how banal. It has also quickly become an integral part of most businesses, enabling them to complete business transactions in mere minutes as well as connect to their customers and a global network.

16-Dec-2018 Neto

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Why you should take UX seriously

UX (User Experience) is at the heart of every good design. It’s the difference between your customers groaning in wretched frustration, or grinning with enjoyment; with them shaking a defeated fist at your site and hastily clicking away from it, or completing a satisfying purchase and wanting to return for more.

12-Dec-2018 PracticePlus

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Christmas celebrations: avoiding Fringe Benefits Tax

It’s Christmas season again, a season to be jolly and a season of giving! Every employer is probably on a quest to appreciate employees for a job well done all year round, and also to provide incentives to help secure great performances from them in advance, for the coming year.

10-Dec-2018 Xero

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Five important business negotiation strategies

Business negotiation is a world of contradictions. You’ve got to be firm but flexible open and sharing, but a little cagey. There’s a lot to get your head around. But your state of mind might be the most important thing. Aim for a mutually beneficial outcome, and you’ll find the whole exercise more comfortable. Follow these five tips to prepare for your next negotiation.

10-Dec-2018 Xero

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How to make price quotes work for you

When a customer asks you for a quote, they're giving you a golden opportunity. With the right response, you can close the deal quickly and win new business. Here's how to make the most of price quotes.

10-Dec-2018 Xero

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Make a mobile office work for your business

Offices used to be essential for most businesses. But mobile technology and new working practices mean that many small businesses don't need any office space. Here's what you need to know about having a mobile office.


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Why thinking negatively isn't always a bad thing

Contrary to what you've always been told, thinking negatively can very much be a good thing.

18-Nov-2018 Schaefer Marketing Solutions

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Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses And Startups

Some benefits of social media and content marketing are normally inaccessible for small businesses and startups because:

18-Nov-2018 Xero

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Make Small Business Accounting Fun

Owning a small business is exciting. You get to do what you love, day in, day out. But traditionally, small business accounting isn’t exciting. So how can we change this stereotype and make accounting fun and easy?


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$20,000 instant asset write-off extended

The $20,000 instant asset write-off threshold has been extended to 30 June 2019. This means you can continue to claim the cost of new or second-hand assets that are less than the threshold of $20,000.

15-Nov-2018 readwrite

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4 Email Personalization Tactics That Are Sure to Get Clicks

Email is a notoriously fickle channel. Something as simple as tweaking the subject line can be the difference between an 8 percent or an 80 percent open rate.

15-Nov-2018 WorkflowMax

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Are you being data smart with your smartphone?

A few weeks ago, the new shiny iPhone XS entered the market. For all the Apple lovers out there, this might mean being the first to wrap your hands around the irresistibly smooth all-glass design, or finally upgrading your old glitchy iPhone 6 to the new model.

If this is you, I’m guessing you’re focused on the opportunity to start afresh, buy a new case, clear all those apps cluttering your current device, and start playing with its new features. Right?

15-Nov-2018 Xero

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Construction accounting basics

Construction is unlike any other business. Building projects can last for months or even years – and you might be both an employer and a contractor. So how do you learn the basics of construction accounting?


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GST and BAS tips for running a successful business

Successful businesses spend that little bit of extra time on record keeping and getting their tax right, including preparing and lodging business activity statements (BAS). Once set up and organised, you’ll save time in the long run.

15-Nov-2018 Socially Sorted

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How Customers Engage With Social Media Video: 8 Things You Need To Know

Want to peek into the mind of your ideal customer and find out how they engage with social media video? How they are interacting with brands via video? How are they purchasing?

Take a seat, because in this post we break down exactly how customers are watching social media video and more importantly, how they are purchasing from video.

And it’s all based on data and research, so you can start using this intel now, to get results in your business.

15-Nov-2018 Entrepreneurs' Organization

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It's About Time

We equate being busy as being virtuous. When we’re maxed out, it feels safe. It must be productive. (Or is it?) It’s a badge of courage, honor or something …

15-Nov-2018 Xero

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Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing got you perplexed? You’re not alone. Most of us talk about ‘the cloud’ without even realising what it really means. We’re clearing the air on cloud computing and how it can benefit your small business.

18-Oct-2018 Float

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If You Don’t Got the Time, You Don’t Got the Money

Clichés. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. (See what just happened there—it’s that bad).

The most widespread, just-waiting-to-pop-out-at-you, cliché is a very short one, measuring just three words—time is money.


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Aussie businesses get over $3.5m to launch their innovative idea into global markets

Offers for grants worth over $3.5 million will support 7 businesses to help launch their innovative products, processes and services into domestic and international markets.

The funding has been provided from the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.


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Make your business's homepage stand out!

The homepage is the most important page of your business’s website. It is the virtual shop front to your business, providing your customers a first impression of what you have to offer. You only have seconds to grab your customer’s attention so it is key to make sure that they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

18-Oct-2018 Debtor Daddy

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Creating a business without debtors

There’s literally hundreds of blog posts giving you the 7-10 steps to reduce debtors and improve cashflow. Yet the debtors problem still exists to some extent in the majority of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) globally.

18-Oct-2018 Debtor Daddy

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Debt Collection: The Whys & When

Too often businesses leave collecting debts at the bottom of the pile. Why? Often there is anxiety and worry around the process, or lack of trust in collection agencies. Sometimes lack of time and understanding of the process.

18-Oct-2018 Unleashed

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Accurate Inventory Forecasting, No Crystal Ball Needed

Anticipating future demand is a tough job, wrought with ways you might go wrong. Proper demand forecasting and inventory control can save a company from buying too much or too little of something, which of course avoids expensive overstock scenarios or stockouts.

18-Oct-2018 Vend

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Crafting Your Mobile Strategy: How Retailers Can Go Mobile and Increase Sales

We no longer need studies to tell us: Smartphones are almost everywhere. Most of the customers coming through your doors have a mobile device with them. And these devices aren’t always shoved in pockets or bags — shoppers are using them while they’re in store too.

18-Oct-2018 Xero

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Customer-centric banking innovation in Asia

Over 100 accounting/bookkeeping, marketplace and banking partners across Asia joined us in Brisbane this year to attend Xerocon, the most innovative conference for cloud leaders in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

18-Oct-2018 XERO

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Making Tax Digital for VAT pilot goes live

HMRC has this week launched the Making Tax Digital for VAT pilot. This is a big step forward for HMRC who have now opened the trial publicly to businesses ahead of the April 2019 mandation date.

15-Oct-2018 Receipt Bank

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Earlier this year, we explored the biggest pain-points for small business owners. From this research, here are the top 3 admin mistakes almost every business makes, and how to avoid them.

15-Oct-2018 WorkflowMax

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Why you should switch to the new WorkflowMax User Interface (UI)

From the 4 December 2018 we will no longer be supporting or developing the older version of WorkflowMax. To make sure you’re getting the most out of WorkflowMax we want to highlight a few cool features on the current version that you could be taking advantage of now! Shortly, users still on the older UI will be notified about the process and asked to switch on the new version.

13-Oct-2018 UNLEASHED

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Understanding Stock Take Discrepancies and Why They Happen

A stock take discrepancy can present a real problem for businesses, potentially costing the bottom-line in lost sales, build-up of surplus stock, and perhaps most detrimentally – creating dissatisfied customers. Accurate stock recording and inventory management are essential to understanding a company’s true capacity to meet and capitalise on market demand.

12-Oct-2018 UNLEASHED

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Making Sure Your Inventory Stock Adds Up: Avoiding a Stock Discrepancy

It’s important to prevent a stock discrepancy from occurring, as it can have a number of bad flow-on effects. Having less stock in your inventory than you have recorded can lead to a loss of sales and a loss of customer confidence; having more stock than you’ve recorded can lead to a build up of stock you can’t sell.

10-Oct-2018 NETO

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How to Set up Google Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics, Plus 4 Reports to Optimize Your Website

Ecommerce tracking and analytics can be pretty complex and without the right tools in place, decisions made on assumptions, rather than data might lead you in the wrong direction. If you start with these four enhanced ecommerce analytics reports, you’ll be able to understand your customers and their behaviour much better, and make more informed business decisions with regards to your website and marketing.

10-Oct-2018 XERO

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Xero Global Release Update September 2018

Check out the latest updates for small businesses and partners, plus a peek at what’s coming soon. Don’t forget, Xero changes and release updates can be found in Xero Central or keep an eye on the feature timeline for a summary of some of our bigger releases.

08-Oct-2018 Kounta

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Kounta Improvements & Fixes

Kounta has been cooking up new features & fixes this past month, and it all goes live on Kounta shortly.

04-Oct-2018 Deputy

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Australia on Time in 2018: A Deep Dive into the Data

In our latest data report, we looked into how punctual the Australian hourly paid workforce are, and found that employees who turn up ‘late’ to work, on average arrive at least half an hour late.


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Tax deductions for small business owners

Tax time is fast approaching—it’s important to do your homework and know exactly what tax deductions you can claim.

27-Sep-2018 WorkflowMax

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The New Roadmap for WorkflowMax

We have three areas we are focused on over the long-term, and future updates will refer to these areas of work:

Love - delivering customer facing value to enhance user experience
Trust - building confidence through platform stability
Beautiful - make the right information available where and when it’s needed

25-Sep-2018 Deputy

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Simplify Your Payroll with Deputy and Sage

Our new integration between Deputy and Sage will streamline your payroll, by allowing you to import Deputy timesheets directly into Sage. This means you’ll no longer need to manually enter your employee hours, reducing the amount of time spent on payroll and also minimising the risk of errors due to the double handling of timesheet data.

22-Aug-2018 CHASER

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6 options you have when your business needs an urgent cash flow boost

As the lifeblood of a business, cash flow and its management is of critical importance to business owners. Here at Chaser, our mission has always been to keep developing the world's best cloud credit control software to ensure businesses get their invoices paid on time, in less time.

22-Aug-2018 Deputy

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Break Planning: The Simple Way to Manage Breaks

We know that managing employee breaks can be a real headache for business owners. From making sure there are no coverage gaps, to meeting complex compliance requirements, it’s hard work for even the most savvy of managers!

That’s why we’ve developed Break Planning, a new feature in Deputy that will make scheduling and managing multiple employee breaks, simply effortless.

14-Aug-2018 Vend

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Cycle Counting 101: A Retailer’s Guide to Partial Stock-Takes and Inventory Accuracy

The key to cycle counting success is to make it a habit. The benefits about–inventory accuracy, store efficiency, and theft prevention–all that will only come if you cycle count regularly.

10-Aug-2018 Deputy

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How to Recapture Disengaged Employees

Many managers and business owners may assume that firing a disengaged employee is the best way to go about handling the issue. This is an emotional reaction that isn’t putting your business first. You should take the time to better understand the root of your employees’ disengagement so that you can effectively tackle the issue without having to worry about finding someone else, as well as having the issue continue to appear in more employees.

26-Jul-2018 OnVenture

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Xero Masterclass Webinar - July 2018

Join us at our next Xero Masterclass webinar where we will focus on recent software releases and show you a few of our favourite features in Xero to help you be more efficient and get the most from your Xero subscription

03-Jul-2018 OnVenture

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Tax Time - Maximise Your Return!

Are you ready to get your return into the ATO? We make your tax return experience super easy with a range of flexible tax return service solutions to help you get what you need together, lodge when it suits you and maximise your result

21-Apr-2018 OnVenture

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New Business Startup Support

So you have decided to start your own business - congratulations! But what next? What do you need to do to get your business up and running and avoid common mistakes which often result in business failure? OnVenture can help!

22-Mar-2018 OnVenture

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MYOB Essentials to Xero Conversions - Promo Ends 29 March 2018

Join the thousands of other small business managers choosing Xero as their preferred accounting software. Xero 50% discount promotion ends 29th March 2018. Register your interest before time runs out.

19-Feb-2018 OnVenture

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The Trust myth? (Read before restructuring to a Trust)

It’s frustrating to discover an increasing number of business operators who have been convinced by their Trusted Adviser to restructure their business to a Trust when their circumstances don’t give rise to any benefits under that structure. Even worse, in many cases the structure is detrimental to the business’s and shareholders/beneficiary’s goals

23-Jan-2018 OnVenture

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Free Trades & Services Webinar

Calling out all trades and services business owner/operators and/or their overwhelmed wives! Join me at my next webinar to learn about our 3 key strategies to dramatically improve your trades and services business.

01-Dec-2017 OnVenture

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10 Steps to improve profit & cashflow in your business

Your 10 easy to follow steps to immediately improve your business's profit, cashflow and reduce your administration time and costs. Also has bonus client case studies and our tips on the best cloud software solutions for your industry.

19-Nov-2017 OnVenture

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Launch of new Trades & Services solutions page

Our new trades & services solutions page outlines our key software recommendations for trades & services businesses. Trades and services business's can really gain some advantages over the competition when using these solutions in their business.

16-May-2016 OnVenture

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Who's cooking the books

A guide to hospitality financial management. The E-book provides guidance to hospitality business owners and manager to improve financial management in their hospitality business. The key financial tasks and concerns of hospitality managers are outlined in an easy to understand and implement format.

01-Apr-2016 Onventure Pty Ltd

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Am I paying too much for Bookkeeping?

It can be confusing to compare all the different bookkeeping options which are available to small business. Will you end up with errors and costly rework from low cost services? How much time is really needed to maintain my books? Is my Bookkeeper or Accountant a great bookkeeper? Am I paying to much for Bookkeeping? OnVenture is making selecting a bookkeeper simple for businesses by launching a range of new low cost, fully featured, fixed fee Bookkeeping plans from as little as $19/week. These plans help small to medium businesses maintain their books accurately, on-time, stay compliant and get great insight on their business's financial performance without costing an arm and a leg.

03-Mar-2016 OnVenture

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Launch of new Retail solutions page

Our new retail solutions page outlines our key software recommendations for retail businesses. Regardless if online or traditional brick and mortar, all retail stores can gain some great advantages over the competition when using these solutions in their business.

05-Oct-2015 OnVenture

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Do I need a bookkeeper?

Small business operators love to DIY everything! Most of us started our business with limited capital and have adopted a DIY mentality to keep our costs low. This is fine for a while but as our workload increases and particularly if bookkeeping isn't a core skill, we need to consider whether hiring a bookkeeper is a good idea. Our guide assists businesses to identify when you need a bookkeeper, what type of assistance you might need and how to identify a great bookkeeper

15-Aug-2015 Onventure

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Chaser at Xerocon 2015

Onventure and Chaser joined forces at Xerocon Melbourne 2015 to educate Xero partners on the benefits Chaser's automated debt collection software provides their clients.

31-Jul-2015 Onventure

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Launch of new Hospitality solutions page

Our new hospitality solutions page outlines our key software recommendations for hospitality businesses. Cafe's, Restaurants & Takeaways can really gain some advantages over the competition when using these solutions in their business.

20-Jul-2015 Onventure

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Onventure becomes a Deputy Certified Partner

Onventure is delighted to announce it has become a Deputy Certified Partner and keen to help existing Deputy users and new clients evaluate, implement and maintain Deputy for their businesses.

22-Jun-2015 Onventure

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50% off new Xero subscription for 4 months

New customers who subscribe to any Xero business edition before the 30th of June 2015 are able to claim 50% off their Xero subscription for 4 months

12-Jun-2015 Onventure

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Onventure becomes a Kounta POS expert

Onventure has become a Kounta POS expert and is able to support both existing Kounta & Xero users or new clients wishing to implement Kounta and/or Xero accounting for their hospitality business. Cafe's, Restaurants and Take away outlets love using Kounta and Onventure loves working with hospitality businesses to resolve many issues they face in business.